Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Vaccine: Pertussis-Whooping Cough

Free Vaccine: Pertussis-Whooping Cough

State officials declare whooping cough epidemic

Adults and children can fight illness' spread with vaccinations, boosters

Whooping cough epidemic in Wash. worries Oregon

Free pertussis-whooping cough immunizations will be provided by Umatilla County Public Health Department on Saturday, May 19th. Vaccine will be given to teens and adults of any age at no cost.

There will be 250 doses of the whooping cough vaccine given in Pendleton in the Walmart parking lot from 10am - 12pm and 250 doses given in Hermiston in the Walmart parking lot from 1-3pm.

For more information, call the Umatilla County Public Health Department 541-278-5432.

Questions? Contact:

  • Julie Christopherson, BSN
  • Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
  • Umatilla County Public Health Department

Poster: Immunization Clinic: Hermiston

Kid-friendly Fact Sheet:

More information: state-officials-declare-whooping-cough-epidemic whooping-cough-epidemic-in-wash-worries-oregon

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IE9...I'm Impressed!

IE9...I'm Impressed!

I've been trying IE9 today...I'm impressed! Seems very fast, just as fast as Chrome (version 18.0.1025.162). Very clean UI.

Learned one thing...64-bit version of IE9 is not any better than 32-bit, and in fact is slower! 64-bit uses an older version of Javascript. See this article for more info:

Windows 7 is bundled with both 32-bit and 64-bit IE9. The one I want to pin to my Taskbar is the 32-bit version, found in this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer

The 64-bit version, the slower of the two, is in this location:

C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer

Both files have the same filename:


To determine the version you're running, click on the settings icon (image of sprocket) and select About Internet Explorer. The 64-bit version will follow the version number with "64-bit Edition".

The 32-bit version will just have the version number:

If you find that your desktop icon is linked to the 64-bit version, delete it and create another that links to the 32-bit version.

Download IE9 here: