Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honest Information

Honest Information

I'm outraged by erroneous, reckless and manipulated conclusions based upon faulty research. I've just finished reading an article that describes such blatant disregard for science.

The article dissects a recent conclusion reached by a study entitled The comparative safety of legal induced abortion and childbirth in the United States, by Elizabeth G. Raymond, MD, MPH and David A. Grimes, MD. Their conclusion:

"Legal induced abortion is markedly safer than childbirth."

However, the study appears riddled with errors.

The study was based upon data reported by abortion clinics to state health departments and compiled by the Centers for Disease Control. This data is far from adequate for such a sweeping generalization or conclusion.

Abortion reporting is not required by federal law

Many states do not report abortion-related deaths to the CDC

Deaths due to medical and surgical treatments are not reported as "due to treatment". The deaths are reported as "due to a complication" of the procedure. Thus, if infection results from the abortion, the death would be reported as "due to infection", rather than due to the abortion.

Most women leave abortion clinics within hours of the procedure. They go to hospital emergency rooms if there are complications, and the abortion clinic is given no opportunity to report the outcome of the complication.

Suicide deaths are rarely, if ever, linked back to abortion for reporting to the state

Physical and/or psychological complications can lead to death years after an abortion, yet these indirect abortion-related deaths are not reported.

Consider California, our most populous state. California has no reporting requirements for abortion.

NO requirements.

Only 27 states require any type of abortion complication reporting.

Three of the four most populous states do not require reporting.

This study is not an example of "the best medical evidence." This is a very incomplete record of abortion-associated deaths, compared to a much more complete record of non-aborted deaths.

Researchers in Finland contradicts this faulty study, concluding that women are four times more likely to die in the year following abortion than women who give birth.

Pregnant women deserve accurate information about comparative risks.

Read the original article:

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Wonders of Wallowa County

The Wonders of Wallowa County

Have to brag on my friend, Marc Stauffer. He wrote and narrated three 60-second radio spots proclaiming the wonders of Wallowa County.

Listen here:

Marc's not stretching the truth...Wallowa County is probably the best place in Oregon for wilderness scenery, hunting, fishing, photography, arts and crafts!

For more information, visit, or search: wallowa county chamber of commerce