Friday, February 1, 2013

Not A Big Fan Of Sports

Not A Big Fan Of Sports

I'm not a big fan of sports

I barely glance at the sports section of the newspaper, and that brief look is only to see if the comics are hidden inside that section.

However, I'm not sure that I should publicly reveal this critical moral failure of mine. I have (had, up until this moment?) many friends who are huge fans of sports, all kinds, any weather, any time.

I honestly try not to allow my disinterest to appear as dislike of those who enjoy sports. I DON'T dislike you! I just find it extremely hard to share in your joy. But that doesn't mean that I'm not glad that you joy in it.

I've heard that there's a big game scheduled this Sunday. I actually attended a Super Bowl party one time. The food was great! By taking a moment here and there to stop crunching on chips and dip I was able to listen intently to the running commentary of the true fans in the room, and I could sort of keep up with who was playing, and whether "our team" was ahead.

I'm sorry. This is getting hard. I can feel the aura of disapproval and pity from all my sports-loving friends. I'll stop soon, I promise.

Anyway, here's a great post by Barnabas Piper regarding the moral conflict that may be gripping many of you even now:

Is it wrong to skip church in favor of a Super Bowl party?

Barnabas offers a very reasonable answer that is encouraging, even for me!

Keep in mind, as you consider whether to check out his article: Barnabas is a huge fan of sports.


super bowl 034 by djnaquin67, Creative Commons License, horribly mangled and misused by the author!