Monday, January 25, 2010

The Frazer Wambeke Trio

The Frazer Wambeke Trio

Great local jazz/blues/rock group!

Frazer Wambeke

Juan Hernandez
(Electric and Upright Bass)

Derek Munson
(Drums and Percussion)

I've heard their jazz and blues, gospel and worship, and I've enjoyed it all. Innovative, high-level technique, tremendous emotion, fun riffs, great sound.

Here's a brief bio from their website:

"This group plays original songs, improvises, and also takes jazz standards and turns them upside-down, frequently using odd meters, alternate chord structures, and funky grooves (among other things).

"We are well-versed in the styles of swing, latin, fusion, funk, R&B, blues, rock, and more. We incorporate our diverse backgrounds into each piece, helping to make everything we play original and distinct with our our personal signatures. It is this combination of our individual tastes compiled into one cohesive group that makes us stand apart."

They've just recorded their first album, expecting it to be available in February 2010. Derek wrote an interesting description of the process involved in studio recording and mixing:

Contact Info

Facebook: The Frazer Wambeke Trio