Sunday, November 25, 2012



Have you ever heard of "unshopping"?

Neither had I!

But the notion is intriguing. "Unshopping" can be seen as a way of counteracting the pervasive, persuasive, almost hypnotic effect of aggressive, biased commercials aimed at influencing us toward impulsive, emotional shopping.

Here's one list of questions that can help a person "unshop":


Before buying anything, ask yourself …

· Do I really need and want this? Can I get by without it?

· Is it made from renewable or nonrenewable resources?

· Is it made of recycled materials and is it recyclable?

· How long will it last and how will I dispose of it?

· Can it be maintained and repaired?

· Could I borrow it, rent it, or buy it secondhand?

· Is it overpackaged?

· Is it worth the time I worked to pay for it and its cost to the environment?



What questions seem to be not applicable to you? What questions would you like to see also considered?

Black Friday by Beth Rankin, Creative Commons License