Thursday, October 8, 2009

15 Ways to Be a Leader

I subscribe to a great blog written by Trent Hamm: Today I am impressed by a story he titled "15 Ways to Be a Leader Today - or Any Day" You've got to read it to get any good out of it, but here's a quick summary to make you thirsty for more: 15 ways to make yourself more valuable to your organization, even if you're a quiet person who'd prefer to just get your work done: 1. Speak up at meetings. 2. Cut out the negative talk. 3. Offer up some positive talk, instead. 4. Volunteer for the tasks everyone's afraid to volunteer for. 5. Look for people who are struggling - and ask them what's wrong. 6. Directly compliment impressive work. 7. Tell supervisors when their subordinates are doing well. 8. Be willing and enthusiastic about team-based work. 9. When you're part of a team, take charge of it - but don't be dictatorial. 10. Make a point to remember - and celebrate - your coworker's life milestones and accomplishments. 11. If there's a problem you can easily solve, solve it. 12. Ask for help when you need it. 13. Suggest events that involve your coworkers. 14. Offer useful, detailed feedback. 15. When asked for your opinion, be honest but don't be cutting. Good stuff! I don't consider myself a leader, and I don't aspire to become one, but most of these suggestions I have seen work in real life, and some of the I even do...they make life with others MUCH more enjoyable. Read more...