Monday, September 27, 2010

An Effective Cover Letter

An Effective Cover Letter

Your resume is NOT the first thing an employer might look at. Your cover letter, the one-page summary you attach to your resume is the actual portal to next step in getting an interview.

Toni Bowers lists seven essentials for writing an effective cover letter. You can read the entire article here:

Here are the highlights of the article.

Determine what the employer is looking for and meet that need.

Keep your cover letter short and to the point.

Don't repeat the contents of your resume.

Try to remain positive.

Write in clear and accessible terms.

Write your cover letter, let it sit for a few hours, and then reread it.


That last tip still echoes in my mind: PROOFREAD! Toni writes that many recruiters have told her that they will toss a cover letter and resume in the trash if there is a typo.