Tuesday, September 21, 2010

R. A. H. Stands for Recycle Area Hurrah!


My Neighborhood Food Store Recycle Area looks MUCH better!

A quick run downtown to pick up some fresh pineapple and strawberries allowed me to take a peek at my latest adopted Cause...and it looks great!

As I parked, I could see a couple of orange-vested store employees mopping the concrete floor surrounding the container-return machines. The bottlecaps were swept up, trash disposed, and the squeaky-clean floor appeared  hygenic, safe, and inviting.

Thank you! Thank you, Neighborhood Food Store, for listening.

I purchased my fruit and asked a clerk to direct me to the manager. She pointed me to Checkstand #5, where the Acting-Manager was working. As I stood near the end of the checkstand, Acting-Manager smiled pleasantly at me. I quickly told her, "Thanks for cleaning the Recycle Area; it looks much better!"

She thanked me in turn and seemed to be genuinely appreciative of the gesture.

Felt good. gave me another great idea! (This one's going to go viral, I just know it!)

Here it is: Let's every one of us actively look for an opportunity to give our own Local Neighborhood Food Store a hearty RAH!: Recycle Area Hurrah!

Here's how to do it:

Make a point of looking at your local food store's recycle area.

If it looks clean and safe, dash inside and tell the manager or assistant manager, "Thanks! The Recycle Area looks clean and safe!"

And then, dash home and click your browser to this blog:

RAH! RAH! RAH! Recycle Area Hurrah!

Add a comment telling us the name of your store (you don't have to say what town, although you can if you want), and why you thought their recycle area was worthy of a shout out.

Remember, we're looking for positive comments. We want to recognize the good work of our local stores in maintaining clean and safe recycle areas.

That's it! We'll together compile a blog's-worth of appreciation for stores who make an effort to keep their recycle areas clean and safe.

Remember: R. A. H. stands for Recycle Area Hurrah!