Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update: Neighborhood Food Store

Yesterday I visited the website of my Neighborhood Food Store (not their real name) and entered a comment on their Contact Us page, briefly describing my experience with the Recycle Area and including a link to my blog. Got a quick email response back today. Didn't expect one until at least tomorrow, today being Sunday. Thanks, NFS!

They apologized for the mess (and they used that word, "mess"), and their message did not contain any bit of rancor or impatience or coldness. That's a definite plus...I kind of expected to get a demerit for not contacting the store manage directly.

They asked for the exact location of the store. There's only one store of that brand in Hermiston...kind of a lame question to ask...but I Googled the store, snapped a screenshot of the listing and sent it to corporate headquarters with a note saying thanks, here's the address, and I resorted to only one short, snide remark which I quickly apologized for (but did not delete).

Drove by the store tonight, checked on the RA...much better! Bags of trash gone, no discarded containers on the ground. Bottle caps strewn all over still, so they didn't get the broom out, but their improvement level has risen from about a 1 to perhaps a 3 or 4.

Still hoping for some small cafe tables and Italian music.

I'll keep you posted.