Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Bikin' It

5 miles! On a bicycle!

Now, before you discount that out of hand as measley and mediocre (as many of you certainly could do with deserved impugnity), please consider extenutating circumstances.

1. I Don't Like to Exercise.

Many of you speak of the "rush" of exercise, the "glow" of health and vigor, "getting past the wall" and other terms of which I cannot fathom. Right now I'm feeling bushed, hot, sweaty and thirsty. Those words all imply loss and pain, am I not right? My body is crying out for retribution in the form of water, rest and my recliner, right?

So, despite the potential for injury and distress to my body, I completed a five-mile bicycle ride today.

2. It was Five, Full Miles.

I have a digital speedometer, odometer and distance meter. It was five miles, uphill most of both ways, against the wind most of both ways.

3. The Sun was Shining.

Potential for heat exhaustion and eye injury was massive, or at least possible. Perhaps.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that almost one mile of the total distance covered was due to forgetfulness. I did not intend to ride five miles. But my plan required me to execute two errands, paying for each purchase with cash money. I hopped on my bicycle and rode almost a half-mile to my first destination and then remembered I'd left my cash money at home. It is to my credit that I sucked it up and rode home rather than use plastic money. Thus, an added mile (almost) to my trek.


I feel quite virtuous right now.

Is that part of the "rush"?

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